N.O.W. 2002

The Rearguard attended N.O.W. 2002 in Norwich on 13th July. Our game this year was a science-fiction dinosaur hunt with a Victorian flavour. Models, and Saurian Safari rules, used were from the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, whilst the human figures were from the Darkest Africa range by Foundry

The Rearguard at N.O.W.
(from left) Delwyn, Kevin, Bryce, Richard, Graeme, Chris

The characters at N.O.W.
(from left) Frobisher, P.T. Carnehan, J.H. Speke, Professor Bullmoose, H.M. Stanley, Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker

Games in progress

Decisions to be made
Carnehan's move
Speke in trouble
A view of the hall. Our table is top left